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Each Programming for Success Workshop is intended to bring forth the Transformation among the participants for enhancing the Success Quotient (SQ) and the Leadership Quotient (LQ) that lasts a lifetime. Participants deeply interested in causing spectacular growth in their lives engage in intensive conversations which are intriguing and fun. At the same time, all activities are structured to bring out transactional transformations. Programming for Success workshops is designed to get the participants realize their true potential that was hidden from their view till date. This leads them to take on assignments that might have appeared impossible so far. The result of this is that they take constructive planned actions and go on to accomplish things that they always wanted but did not know “How”?

Programming for Success workshops targets perceptional transformation and intent realization of an individual. Getting oneself closer to answer the inherent universal questions like, ‘Who am I?’ / ‘What is life?’ / ‘What is my purpose or calling in life?’ Programming For Success enables participants to focus on “WHY”, participants have been found to answer their own “HOW” by getting fully involved in the learning process with activities, exercises, and opportunities to practically apply the concepts that are shared.

The teachings elaborated in the programming for success workshops are focused to bring about the transformation and creating an experiential environment such that the transformation is felicitated almost instantly. All this enables the re-wiring of the neurons in the brain to form new patterns in a very easy and lucid manner, allowing the participant to create and live into a new successful future…

Key Learning Outcomes and Skills

You will be empowered with much ease, grace, confidence, power, freedom, intuitive ability and leadership qualities. And your programming for success will overwrite on your fears, insecurities, guilt, anger and aggression. Thereby transforming your perceptions and lead you into programming your life for next level of success that historically appeared impossible.

Career Pathway

Why should you enroll in the forthcoming programming for success workshop?

You should enroll in the next programming for success workshop if you wish to move to the next level of leading a healthy, successful and fulfilling life on a consistent basis.  Specially suitable for Senior Professionals, Businessman, Start-Up Entrepreneurs, CXOs or Senior Students in the school of life keenly interested in making life work and wanting to accomplish those dreams that are so far distant or plain wishes.

Entry Requirement

The eligibility criterion is merely, a dedicated, focused individual with a committed approach to accomplish the success guidelines.

You will be empowered to take actions.

Quick Check: Look back in your life and recall how many places in life, you are, for any reason, inhibiting or holding yourself back from taking actions.

Consider the VIRUS in your inner programming is running or better still ruining your life by inaction. The VIRUS that is taking over your system needs to be debugged immediately, without any further delay.

Invitation Course Fee : Rs.25,000.00 (US$ 450)

Rs.12,500.00 (US$225)

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Quick Info

  • Participants Can Bring Their Own Laptop For Effective Learning
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Enroll Now, if you want to have the tools and technology to empower yourself and your environment with much ease, grace, confidence, power, freedom, intuitive ability and leadership qualities. You shall be able to overwrite on your deep-seated fears, insecurities, guilt, anger and aggression that have been holding you since long. Thereby transforming your perceptions and lead yourself for consistent success and happiness.