Using Transformative Education, Programming For Success exists to bring forth the true potential of Being Human…

at a global platform to enhance and contribute to students, professionals, business owners, homemakers and humanity at large along with enterprises, educational institutes, brands, and businesses in enabling them to fulfil their mission

  • by providing end-to-end Global Learning Solutions and
  • generating enhanced self-esteem, better life clarity, streamlined living processes and a superior ability to operate effectively in complex life environments.

Programming for Success is based on proven technology and years of research by world’s select thought leaders. The genesis of this work lies in its simple learnings and insightful experiential methodology. This platform is created due to the necessity brought forth by modern scientific research:

  • 99% of all humanity goes to their graves with their talent intact. It’s like throwing away a neatly wrapped gift box containing precious diamond.
  • Most people are operating sub-optimally and want to harness their true potential
  • Smart people are always willing to look at innovative solutions that can generate measurable incremental growth at marginal investments and enhanced learning as a Student and Experience fulfillment.

Programming for Success Team has a set of world class professionals committed to making a difference. Programming for Success evolves and operates Blue Ocean Strategy that enables participants to generate a constant flow of Win-Win experiences

The Work is born inside of a global project planned for next 10,000 years for Human Beings to take advantage of.

This shall be achieved by:

  • Providing timeless wisdom of the world with rationale and benefits. Combining today’s’ technological advances with the knowledge of the world scriptural sciences in practical aspects of life.
  • The prospects view our products extremely relevant to their lives, valuable for their progress, ready to use and affordable.
  • The people who participate in our programs are empowered with new transformative dimensions in their thinking patterns and execution capabilities. These new patterns enable the participants to unleash a whole new world of effectiveness in accomplishing their interests and objectives and they are empowered & transformed with unlimited power, freedom, self-expression, and peace of mind with ease and grace.
  • People get present to their true potential of being human and generate a new-found ability to impact those areas of their lives that have so far come across to them as barriers in their full self-expression.
  • Innovative use of educational tools using the technological breakthroughs and impart to people without any barriers of geographical distances, race, creed or time band.
  • Finely tuned principles that are ready to use the word “GO” and impact the participants for a lifetime causing them to accomplish what they only had an idea of, so far but now can experience it, in reality.
  • Proven, sustainable and effective transformative education to everyone.
  • Strive & excel towards reaching out to every town and village of the world and spread the space of true excellence.


An organized international platform for people to participate, contribute and connect themselves with living a powerful life and open up to the ways to be HAPPY, BLISSFUL and KNOWLEDGABLE FOREVER as a ‘natural’ way of life. We focus on delivering on the real human needs whether stated/spoken or not.


In 5 Years, more than 50 million participants in more than 50 countries are receiving direct benefits of our services on a Year on Year basis.


With an intention to reach 50,000 participants in 50 cities over the next 50 weeks, we aim at enabling making People live a greater enriching life, both at personal and professional ends by programming themselves for success and enable building a great new INDIA. Start Date: 29th July 2017, Completion Date for the 1st Milestone: 14th July 2018

I know that your support can make this really happen with ease and grace at a really fast pace.

I look forward to your thoughts, inputs, views, and suggestions on and how you wish to support the movement. +91 9022053799

The work we do shall be present for Human Beings to take benefit for the minimum next 10,000 years.



Neeraj Kapoor


  • Cooperation
  • Compassion
  • Trustworthiness
  • Cleanliness
  • Productivity
  • Austerity
  • Integrity
  • Authenticity
  • Performance
  • Result-orientation


Global platform to participate, contribute and connect to live a powerful life to be HAPPY, BLISSFUL, and KNOWLEDGEABLE FOREVER as a ‘natural’ way of life.


In 5 Years, more than 50 million People in more than 50 countries receive direct benefits of our services on a Year on Year basis.


Using Transformative Education technology, Programming for Success exists to bring forth the true potential of Being Human.


Cooperation, Compassion, Trustfulness, Cleanliness, and Austerity. Integrity, Authenticity, Performance, Productivity, Result-orientation