Vedic Gurukul (Level 1)

by Samariya Educom,


Raising confident, successful and happy children…Building India upon Values

What is Vedic Gurukul

Vedic Gurukul (Level 1) brings the invaluable ancient wisdom for the young minds.

  • To enable them grow into mature, intelligent, wise and prosperous adults
  • To take charge of their lives and contribute to their families, society, country and the world.
  • The values of Concentration, Truthfulness, Discipline, Dutiful, Positive Thinking and Empowering Actions are becoming rare.
  • Rapid growth in science and technology is leading to distractions and unwanted elements.

Why Vedic Gurukul:

The foundation of any building determines the height, strength and longevity of the building. The taller and bigger the building, deeper and stronger foundation is required. If the foundation is weak, the building will not be stable and safe.

Our Vedic values are like foundation. Now being appreciated across the world, Sanskrit Slokas are being recited in various foreign schools to enhance the memory power and intelligence of the young students.

Vedic Gurukul is a program that is an attempt to serve the children starting with Lokhandwala Township in Kandivali (East), Mumbai, India.

Who should Join:

Children of age group 10 year to 17 years residing between  Goregaon to Borivali are welcome to join.

Salient Features:

(1) Source Of Light:- In Vedic period education was considered as a source of illumination which enlightens an individual in all walks of life. It was only education that truth could be perceived & wisdom could be attained.

(2) Knowledge Of The Third Eye:- Vedic Education is globally proven to open inner eye, flooding the practitioner with spiritual and divine life.

(3) Agency Of Improvement:- The illumination as described will bring a complete transformation in the student & this change is for the better education makes us civilized, refined, polished and cultured.

(4) Not Merely Books learning:- Illumination is the cultural concept of education. It does not mean that it has always to come from books. Thus education is not merely book learning


  • Value Education Contest
  • 2 hour Weekly Class on Sunday morning @ 10 am during the year 2019 (Optional)
  • Certification upon successful completion


Samariya Educom, 38, Centrium Mall, First Floor, Lokhandwala Township, Kandivali (East), Mumbai


Value : Rs. 10,000/-   Special Fee: Rs.1,000/- Limited Seats 

Course Material

Students enrolling for the program shall be given a Vedic Education Contest workbook and a copy of the Shrimad Bhagavad-Gita.

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