Ultimate Wealth Bootcamp, India

by 15,16,17 March 2019,

Are You Ready to End Your Stress, Anxiety, and Worries and Grow Your Health, Prosperity and Wealth 3 ~10 times over the next 3 years starting with 2019!!
Ultimate Wealth has many connotations. You have wealth but have you experienced Ultimate Wealth!! You dream of it but how far have you come on that path? This December, you could be having your rare encounter with Ultimate Wealth over a weekend. You can also choose to take it home for life and keep generating it on an ongoing basis.

Ultimate Wealth Weekend is about taking a stock of the years gone by and start putting an actual plan for the balance starting with the next moment for accomplishing all the dream wealth that you yearn for yourself and for your loved ones. More importantly, you get to know reasons that came in the way of your accomplishments so far and the current programming of your neurons in the brain and in the subconscious mind, thus equipping you with the technology to accomplish the state of Ultimate Wealth in the ensuing years. You and Your loved ones also get an opportunity to know each other better without any filters, judgment, and evaluation and get closer to each other than you have ever been.

Where ever you and your loved ones are currently on the wealth graph currently, this 3-day wealth weekend is designed to put each one of you on the highway of wealth ready to roar forward and enable you to learn the techniques of generating Ultimate Wealth in your life with following accomplishments:

Get to know your’s and your loved one’s Wealth Blueprint stored in the mind and the wanted & unwanted programs running your lives.
Get the newfound powers to uninstall the viruses and malware that are holding you and your loved ones back from accomplishing what you want.
 Individually define your Wealth parameters and ignite the spark of Productivity and Performance
Make a master plan of your dreams to take your professional and personal life forward.
Paint a vivid picture of how your professional and personal life will look when you accomplish your dreams in the new year
 Discover a newfound ability to generate results
Become Unstoppable in your dreams and objectives
 Learn the skills in creating and leading teams that fire even under the most adverse circumstances
 Create a detailed action plan with important milestones and landmarks
 Put a structure in place to manage your priorities
Experience Oneness with your family members. Unleash the true potential of being human

Experience the success graph in each of your life, ready to take on a new curve as you participate in the Ultimate Wealth Weekend: A lively retreat cum intensive created for a chosen few.

Dates:  15th,16th,17th March 2019, Friday-Saturday-Sunday
Venue: Hotel Taj Lake Palace, Udaipur, Rajasthan, India

Choose from the two amazing plans designed to give you first taste of success. Hurry!! Register now

GOLD PlanRs. 5,00,000/-   Rs.2,70,000/- only

1. 1 Complimentary Ticket for your spouse
2. 2 Complimentary Tickets for children upto age of 10 years 
3. 100 Audio Books, Live Seminars on Success worth Rs.1,00,000
4. Stay @ Hotel Taj Lake Palace, Udaipur worth Rs.3,25,000
5. Include Meals (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner) on all days

SILVER PlanRs. 3,50,000/-  Best Value: Rs. 2,25,000/- 

1. 1 ticket for 3 Day Residential Program
2. 100 Audio Books,Live Seminars on Success worth Rs.1,00,000
3. All Meals (Breakfast,Lunch and Dinner) on all days worth Rs. 10,000
4. Stay @ Hotel Taj Lake Palace, Udaipur worth Rs.2,90,000


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