Get Job Ready

by 25th November 2018 (Sunday),

If you are crossing the threshold from being a student to taking up a job in some time then this program can enable you to accomplish your dream job with ease and grace.

You have been a very hardworking student and have been very keen to pursue your dream job. However, you realize that the path to your dream job goes through certain twists and turns and though you may have got the right grades in your course, you know that you might be missing the right knack for what it takes to be successful at your first job. You may not have the handle on all the challenges that lie ahead on the path of your progress starting with your interview, group discussion and the overall assessment that your prospective employer is looking forward in you.

This program has been specially designed keeping in mind for students like you to enable and empower you with just the right tools and techniques to make your transition from a student to a corporate professional seamless and smooth. Additionally, it also provides you with the key insights into those little secrets that can speed you up on the corporate ladder and enable you to gain momentum sooner than you believe.

Course Contents:

  1. Interview Techniques: Mock Interview Prep
  2. Group Discussion Techniques
  3. Overall Assessment
  4. Art of Negotiation
  5. Be Job Ready
  6. Resume and LinkedIn Profile Building,
  7. Career Counselling and Career Assistance

This program is your opportunity to participate and work towards building your muscle in getting your dream job over a weekend. Prepare yourself for a Dream Job ahead. Sit back, relax and Enjoy the Flight to your Dream Career. Enroll NOW!!

Mumbai: 25th November 2018

Regular Fee: Rs.15000/-

Invitational Fee: Rs. 1990/-

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