International Business Masterclass Singapore

by 6th & 7th April 2019, Sat. & Sun,

Global Business Environment is constantly changing and more so rapidly. It takes a genius to predict the market in the long term and take decisions in the now to create a consistent flow of revenues and profits. The challenge in current times is mostly to predict which way market determining forces would move to impact your sales, revenues, and profitability.  When you make a decision, it impacts your business either to expand it or contract it but never static.

When your business generates accelerated returns with an incremental investment, you know that you are mastering the art of International Business Masterclass, Singapore

At International Business Masterclass, we equip you with the tools to enable financial growth of your business in the fast-changing market dynamics. Additionally, you also are trained in handling the new age market forces and use them to your advantage in making more sales, revenues and consequently profits.

International Business Masterclass, Singapore is your answer to your business worries, stresses, tensions to accelerate and double your business.

International Business Masterclass, Singapore has been specially designed for the Self-Employed Professionals, Start-up Enthusiasts, Young Entrepreneurs and Middle and Senior Management Professionals in Small, Medium and Large Corporates. If you are a Business Owner responsible for growth in your domain, we invite you to invest a day in this Business Multiplier Masterclass to empower and equip yourself for business prosperity. It’s like empowered with an Alladin’s Lamp.

Whatever be your business, you would be able to generate momentum for your business to expand it 10 times over over the next 3 to 5 years. If you are a working professional, join in to hone your skills to excel at your career and enable expansion of the business you are entrusted with.

Regular Fee: SGD 5100.00

Invitational Fee: SGD 2490.00 + GST. Exclusively for first 50 participants only

(Tuition Fee includes Program Fee, Program Material, Breakfast, Lunch, and Hi-Tea)