Mastering Business Accelerator (M.B.A) Challenge

by Neeraj Kapoor,

If you are someone who desires to rapidly expand your business. Congratulations!! You are at the right place. Surely, It takes a lot of focused planning and effort to expand the business. Especially in the current environment that’s more unpredictable and volatile than ever before. While most see this as hindering their plans, a few perceive this as positive. Research shows that these few are more likely to be more successful in their domains. Those who are empowered can harness the changing times for exponentially expanding their business and wealth. The privileges of business beckon with promises of wealth, prestige, protection, and authority with a small step.  This small step could be a simple phone call, reverting to that critical mail or simply deciding to enroll yourself for an event that you have a gut feeling that it could potentially open up new vistas of growth for your business.


At Mastering Business Accelerator Challenge, You get equipped with the tools to handle the fast-changing market dynamics that are impacting your business and rapidly scale your business using the new age tools and technique. You are trained in converting every challenge into an opportunity translating into your business success with more sales, revenues and consequently profits.

Mastering Business Accelerator Challenge is your answer to minimize your business worries, stresses, tensions and exponentially accelerate your business.

Business Accelerator Online Challenge has been specially designed for the Business Owners, Self-Employed Professionals, Start-up Enthusiasts, Young Entrepreneurs and Middle and Senior Management Professionals in Small, Medium and Large Corporate. If you are a Business Owner responsible for growth in your domain, we invite you to invest a day in this Business Multiplier Masterclass to empower and equip yourself for business prosperity. It’s like empowered with an Alladin’s Lamp.

Whatever your role in Business, your participation in this program can enable your contribution to your business to enable you to expand the business you are entrusted with many times over. The INTENSIVE SESSIONS in the program shall enable you to accelerate your business, wherever you are in your business currently. Whether you are a Professional, a trader, a start-up entrepreneur or a businessman, you would be empowered and all fired up to give momentum to your business to expand it dramatically.

Value : Rs. 1,00,000.00

Special: Rs. 49,997/- only (Last Few Spots) 

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