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We have witnessed a huge surge of technological innovations over the last decade. While this has led to a tech-savvy young generation, it has also resulted in critical areas of concern wherein an average young student often ends up in stress, depression, or gets flustered due to his inability to cope with the sudden and rapid changes sweeping past him on a consistent basis. There have been cases of children scoring poor grades, reduced participation in extracurricular activities, bunking classes leading to rare cases of them running away from their schools and homes with some even attempting to commit suicides. The Need, therefore, is to enable to live a complete life with sound mental health.


We work closely with Select Educational Institutes in creating excellent levels of self-esteem, dignity, respect, prosperity resulting in success among their students using participative management and personal sharing methodologies. The specially designed approach enables the students to create a foundation of solid character for themselves that makes them dependable, reliable and results-oriented with excellent presentation and exceptional interpersonal skills for life. As a result of this, they are likely to win at every step in life and convert every situation into great opportunities.


We incorporate specific modules in the existing curriculum that focus on generating measurable results. Each module is normally divided into 10 sessions every quarter. The school management can choose to cover either 1 or 2 such modules per year for different levels.

The education dissemination process uses modern age tools including video conferencing apart from physical presence by the industry leaders from time to time.

The course curriculum is highly relevant to the participants and a practice plan of the learning is formulated and monitored during the week using technology.

The modules are outlined as under:

Improving Personal Effectiveness

  • Effectiveness defined
  • Analysing self-personality traits – the locus of control
  • Personal development plans
  • Goal/target setting – personal & professional
  • Foolproof action planning
  • Assertiveness
  • Time management
  • Understanding and managing emotions

Communication Skills for Professional Effectiveness

  • One way and two-way communication
  • Verbal/spoken, presentation skills
  • Barriers to communication
  • Questioning skills
  • Listening
  • Clarity & conciseness
  • Body language
  • Written Communication Guidelines

Etiquette and Grooming:

  • Creating a lasting impression
  • Importance of culture
  • Projecting an impressive image
  • Importance of dressing according to occasion
  • Handshake, personal space etc
  • Dining etiquette – dos and don’ts
  • Social etiquettes

Interpersonal Effectiveness:

  • Interpersonal skills as a force multiplier
  • Understanding trust
  • Developing trustworthy behaviours
  • Learning to be a team player
  • Helping and hindering behaviours
  • Conflicts and resolution styles

Preparing for Interviews and Group Discussion:

  • Preparing for an interview
  • Applying self and domain knowledge to face questions
  • Dos and don’ts of interviews
  • Understanding what recruiters look for
  • Interview role-plays
  • Individual practice and feedback
  • Handling pressure interviews


The inspiration and source of these specially designed educational tools come from the world’s best scientists, leaders and people who have been highly committed and accomplished very high standards in their lives. Consequently, by virtue of their actions, we happen to live in a much different world today than what they inherited from their forefathers. Our intention is to simply continue the efforts of making the world a better place by using their skills, tools and techniques by sharing with today’s youth in schools and colleges, globally.

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  • Improving Personal Effectiveness
  • Communication Skills for Professional Effectiveness
  • Etiquette and Grooming
  • Interpersonal Effectiveness
  • Preparing for Interviews and Group Discussions

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