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Every now and then, I meet a lot of talented trainers and leaders. People with a lot of fire in them, ready to bring a revolution of sorts in the society for better values, learning to enhance the quality of life but something comes in their way of making an impact. Early on, it pained me to see that although exceptional in their skills, most of them were limited by one common denominator…most lacked in marketing themselves. Consequently, their reach became limited and the world didn’t come to know of them. All this also had an impact on their financials and finally deliveries and their ability to transform their world.
This pain got translated into a cause to do something for the community and ultimately became the genesis of building a common platform for world trainers and leaders to come together and showcase their skills and contribute with their talent to the world.  PROGRAMMING FOR SUCCESS as it’s known today is a GLOBAL TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT MARKETPLACE that intends to provide a common platform to the trainers and leaders and helps reduces costs for Corporates. This also puts more money in the Trainers Pockets. It eliminates all administration from Training Management.
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Programming For Success (PROFOS) is a GLOBAL TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT MARKETPLACE that provides a common platform to the world trainers and leaders and helps reduces costs and time to market for Corporates.
Signing up on ProFoS as a trainer gives you many, many benefits
(a) No more for you to run around sourcing business. Let the platform do the hard work for you.
(b) Chasing companies for payments will become a thing of the past. ProFoS enables faster settlements without the hassles
(c) Manage your own schedule. Get assignments when you are free. Relax when you want to
(d) Seamless administration – no more feedback forms, no more attendance sheets, no more case study printouts.
(e) If you are already conducting your programs and contributing to the world, you get to use ProFoS platform for free. Just send in your program details and we shall be happy to assist you to fill up the hall for you.
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