Learn How to Control Your Mind

Today we learn the simple techniques on how to control your mind and emotions. First Let’s understand, how is that some people live in a continuous state of stress and unhappiness whereas some people are mostly found happy and prosperous.
Guided Session by Joe Dispenza – You Are The Creator Of Your World

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  1. What did you learn? Note down your key learning from this session. Post it in the Comments section below
  2. Start Applying these learning in your Life? Start with observing your thoughts, words, actions.
  3. Give yourself a rating from 1 to 10. Keep a note of it in a diary.
  4. Be Ready to discuss existing patterns and changes that you starts to observe, during our weekly webinar
  5. You are successfully programming yourself for success with these little actions. Keep Up the Good Work.

One thought on “Learn How to Control Your Mind

  1. It was great step into a new journey of Success…Following are the some of the learning out of it…..
    – How to control the mind?
    – Thinking about Past/ Problems/ emotions…big hurdles to think about your vision.
    – Routine activities are like program its lost our freewill witch become subconscious program like computer program.
    – only 5% conscious mind is thinking about our vision, health…etc. but whole body ~95% at different program.
    – Higher EQ, more we attention to the cause…resulted into reactions like different mood/ temperament/ personality trait.
    – After long practice when we wish to have change then its new for body, then body want to return to its routine practice.
    – “Best way to predict your future is to create it”.

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