Complete 2018 Smartly, Start 2019 Powerfully!!

Complete 2018 Smartly, Start 2019 Powerfully!!

Welcome to the New Year 2019, we have a gift of fresh 365 days to work towards the aspirations that we are setting forth for ourselves at the start.

Take a moment to reflect on what you’ve accomplished or achieved last  year. Great, if you have achieved at least 75% of the goals that you intended to? Or Are you one of those many who just wrote those goals down at the start of the year and did nothing about them?

Did you write down any goals in the first place? If you have not been diligently following your plan nor have any plans, to begin with, there’s a high chance that you’re going to let the new year 2019 slip by you again.

I’ve personally been in your shoes, and as much as you may feel discouraged or lost, I assure you that you CAN achieve!! but why am I sharing this with you. Because I am on a mission to play my role in transforming lives of 50 million people across 50 countries over the next 50 months and enable them to know the tools and techniques of success in life and in business.

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Consider this as a New Year Gift from me.


Acknowledge how powerful your dreams are

You need to first look into yourself and find out what is burning within you that you want to achieve. Is it more family time, health, wealth or perhaps happiness? It doesn’t have to be grand; it just has to be meaningful for you.

This is absolutely crucial as you must know the end goal in mind before you start work on it. A life without purpose or aspiration is a life without direction. How can you achieve your dreams if you don’t know what these dreams are?

But what does it mean to know if your dreams and ambitions? It means that you’re able to define your goals. A person can say “I WANT TO BE RICH & WEALTHY!”, but like most people, this person may have neglected to define his/her goal.

How rich is being rich? Would have Rs.1 Lakh in your wallet be rich to you? Do you want a million dollars or become a “Karodpati” instead? What currency do you want your wealth to be in? What’s your timeline? How do you intend to go about it?

If what I’ve just said above rings a bell with you, you aren’t defining your goals. There is an easy and powerful way to overcome this, however. Many people may not use it, but I assure you that if you do, you’ll wonder why you didn’t use it earlier.

It’s called… SMART.

S – Specific
M – Measurable
A – Achievable
R – Realistic Reasonable

T – Time Oriented.


Be specific on what you want to achieve. If you want a car, write down the make and model. Print out an image of the car or draw one yourself. Make sure you can see it and visualize it in your head. The clearer the mental image in your head, the easier it becomes for you to make it into a reality.


Ensure there is a mechanism in place that you can measure your goals. Here’s a template that I use, “I want to accomplish (big goal) by (overall time). In order to do so, I need to do (small goal) by (time) and do (small goal) by (time).

Put your goals and numbers into the above equation, and then do them! Whether or not you’ve achieved your goal is a yes/no answer for most people, but I use a personal system that helps you measure how much you’ve achieved into 3 categories:

1) Must-Have: The minimum you need to achieve

2) Good To Have: Much more than the minimum. This should be your benchmark

3) Outrageous: Beyond what you think you can achieve

As an example, if your job were to sell cookies, then perhaps “Must Have” would be 100 cookies, “Good To Have” 200 cookies and “Outrageous” 300 cookies. By being able to measure your achievements, you have a better idea of how much you can indeed achieve.

This brings us to the next point…


Do you have a big goal or multiple big goals? Great! You know how to measure them as well? Awesome!

We’re making progress, keep it up! The next trap that most people fall into is to either:

  • Set low goals so you can achieve them too easily
  • Set goals that are too high and you end up intimating yourself and not taking action

Keep your big goals. They are necessary. Break them down into smaller, achievable goals (see the previous point!) and then work towards that. By having your big goals (broken up into smaller goals) and being able to measure them in order to adjust your expectations and efforts accordingly, you’re all set!

Well, not really. If only it were this easy, but read on!

Realistic & Reasonable:

Remember what I was talking about people having too small of a goal to be feasible? The same goes for people who set goals larger outside the realm of logic. Big goals are good. Big goals that are realistic are perfect.

For instance, I weigh 90kg and want to lose 30kg in a week. Is this a goal? Yes. Is this realistic? Obviously not! Our bodies won’t be able to take the strain and we could end up severely harming ourselves.

On the other hand, I weigh 90kg and plan to lose 1kg a month. By the end of one year, I’d have lost 12kg and in 2 years, 24kg, all while ensuring I’m healthy. This is a realistic and reasonable goal.


I know many of you reading this are procrastinators (I know, I used to be one of them too), but the only way to be able to measure your goals and to see them come to life is if you know when you’re planning to achieve them.

There’s no easy way around this. For every big and small goal you have, attach a deadline to it and ensure that these deadlines are monitored frequently. If you are on track, good job! If not, revisit your goals and see if they are realistic and adjust accordingly.

The key is to have a progressive improvement plan. Success isn’t a single step forward, but rather a long and winding staircase that will force you to stop, but don’t! Be SMART, know that you’re going to achieve great things and continue ahead.


I have personally learned many life-changing lessons from Richard Tan, Chairman of Success Resources, and one of the most important life lessons he’s taught me was that in whatever we do, we must first have the outcome in mind. Only then will we be clear in terms of achieving them.

Another useful piece of information that I have picked up from Richard is the “Train Of Thought”. The Train of Thoughts goes like this – Easiest to the hardest; Deepest to the Widest

Often we are caught up in situations where there a thousand and one tasks that require our attention, and we become so overwhelmed that we are paralyzed in thought. Apply these and you will see your efficiency rate increase.

Easiest to the Hardest:

Do the EASY things first then follow by the HARDEST. Those things that can easily be taken care off should just get it done immediately and crossed that off your list.

For example; writing a thank you email or buying a small gift. By completing the easier tasks first, you are setting yourself up for success by not letting the small tasks bog your mental faculties down.

There are many people who feel that the other way around works better for them. There is no right or wrong, and the most important thing is that you are comfortable and productive.

Deepest to the Widest:

This part may be confusing but is highly beneficial towards prioritizing and maximizing your communication.

When doing something, do it to the best of your ability and demand the highest standard. Find the root cause and tackle the problem at its core. This is also known as “deepest”.

Next, tackle the possible spillovers that may derive from your “Deepest”. This is known as your “Widest”.

If you are preparing for a presentation, for instance, make sure your core messages are clearly understood by your audience as part of the “deepest” aspect. You then work on the “wildest” aspect, such as your supporting images and animation sequences.

Monitor and Review

Finally, the last step is to monitor the progression of your action plan and review them accordingly. This includes making adjustments where necessary to acclimatize and suit the situation.

If your plan is to generate leads through telemarketing but data has shown that people are more receptive to social media, then you’d have to make a decision and change your plan to ensure that you still meet your goals and beyond.

This is the best way to achieve your goals wisely.

Before I end this article, I would like to share with you a couple of quotes that were instrumental to my success. One of these sayings includes:

The best time to plan a tree was 20 years ago, the next best time is NOW”.

Quoting from Dr Denis Waitley,

“There are 3 reflections when you looked into a mirror; the first is the reflection of the child in your past. The day that you born till the second that went by you. The second is the current LIVING existing self that you are looking at and the third is the future self that you desire to become. You cannot change anything of the past results but what you can change is your current state of self so as to prepare to achieve and become the future desired person that you wish to become.


Why am I telling you all of these?

I want you to succeed. Our time here on earth is finite and if we waste it not achieving what we’ve always wanted, then it’s nothing more than a wasted life. Start doing something today that your future-self will profusely thank you for.

As we look back on the past years of our work and the sheer scale of the events that we have been a part of, it is always encouraging to see & hear the number of lives that we have changed. We hope to continue to do so.

What I’ve shared with you above is simply the tip of the iceberg, and if you’re interested in finding out more and actually be in a financially capable position to pursue your dreams, why not join  for one of the programs in the coming year. Choose from wide range of subjects from taking the Success Multiplier Masterclass to the Business Multiplier Masterclass or @ a 3 Day Ultimate Wealth Weekend?

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I know you are looking forward to creating something big in your life, so what are you waiting for?

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