How happy you really are? (and How to be happier)

How happy you really are? (and How to be happier)

Many of us would like to be happier in life. Here’s a simple way to find out how to make that happen…

How to be happier

How to be happier: If we are happy, we are content. You often hear people say ‘I don’t mind as long as I’m happy’ or ‘if you’re happy, I’m happy’. Our lives seem to revolve around this invisible but powerful force and understanding it is the key to, well, happiness.

Abstract notions are difficult to comprehend and realizing what makes you happy or figuring out how you can be happier is tricky. Sometimes, you don’t realize there are problems, or can’t specify what they are until you sit down and analyze the situation. But, the good news is this can now be done – we @ Programming For Success has worked upon a ‘wheel of happiness’ a handy, quick self-assessment exercise that makes sense of your life in minutes.

This exercise splits your life into eight key areas, displayed around the circumference of the wheel. A line runs from each title to the center of the wheel forming a scale of 1-10. You then rate each aspect of your life allowing you to see which areas are dragging you down- something which you might not have been able to pinpoint just by thinking about it. Connect the dots to see the shape of your ‘happiness wheel’ (but don’t worry – it will never be perfectly round)! It will probably change each time you do it too, which can be handy for comparing different times of your life.

So, how does this work? Basically, you can give your own level of happiness a number by adding up your scores in each category. Technically, the highest happiness score is 80 (8 areas, rating 10 in each) so you can use this to gauge how much happier you could theoretically be.

The wheel of happiness

How to be happier

For example, the wheel above has the following figures:

Health: 9

Wealth: 6

Family and friends: 9

Fun and recreation: 8

Relationships: 6

Career: 5

Physical environment: 6

Personal growth: 8

Total happiness score: 57/80

Result: 71 percent happy

Therefore, the things in this person’s life that seemingly don’t need improving and make them the happiest are their health, friends, and family, fun and recreation and personal growth. On the other hand, things dragging them down that might need addressing are their career, wealth, physical environment and relationships as these all scored below seven.

Once you’ve identified your ‘Challenge area’ it might be handy to further analyze it with subsequent, more detailed wheels. Say you scored low on ‘friends and family’, create a wheel with the different people in your life around the edge and rate your relationships with them to see which are making you unhappy.

The beauty of the wheel is its versatility – it can take you 10 seconds or 10 hours, depending on how long you fancy analyzing your life! You can make a complicated computer diagram or do a quick scribble on a post-it note. You can tailor it – do a general analysis, then get down to the nitty-gritty, and, if you wish, delve even deeper!

Doing this exercise means you can see and calculate how happy you actually are, according to you – the only opinion that really counts. You can then see the areas that you might want to address, getting you on track to understanding your happiness.

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