Be True to Yourself in Your Daily Actions | Personal Development Tips

Be True to Yourself in Your Daily Actions | Personal Development Tips

You must be true to yourself to reach your dreams and your goals. Don’t let fear hold you back from taking action and developing positive habits toward success.

Spiritual Warrior: Be True to Yourself and Your Dreams

Most people in our culture are pretty far removed from the realities of what we generally think of as “warriors.” In a pop-culture kind of way, the idea evokes images of swords, shields and ancient wars.

I think it’s important to seriously embrace the concepts behind what it means to be a warrior, and not the part about swords and shields. I’m talking about mental preparation—focus and awareness of mind, body and spirit so the warrior can be optimal to do what needs to be done when the moment calls.

We don’t experience quite the same intensity in our daily lives, but on some levels we do. The point isn’t about what the “warrior” is going to do; it’s who the warrior will be that will direct the action.

The definition we use of warrior is “One who conquers oneself.” The path of the spiritual warrior is not about power over others but power over yourself; it’s about trying to be true to yourself. Only then can correct action follow, and the warrior’s way is the way of action.

Developing a Habit to Take Action

It’s not just big actions in big moments. It’s about developing a habit to take action. If you take action in your everyday life, you’ll be able to reach your dreams because of this. Fear is what holds people back—fear of failing, or some perceived ridicule or pain for failing.

One of the most basic principles of the warrior is to be willing to make mistakes. The most successful people are willing to mess things up every now and then! They don’t take mistakes personally as an affront to their self-worth. They use mistakes as their primary form of learning.

You’ll get feedback based on action, and then you can make corrections. You go back to more action, maybe more mistakes, and make more corrections until you get it right.

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Don’t Let Your Fears Hold You Back

What happens when people get feedback that isn’t positive? We make mistakes and beat ourselves up unmercifully. In our society we have such a stigma on “failure” that we’re not willing to do anything, especially anything big we really want.

Take action! Successful people trust themselves. They’re willing to take the chance. If it’s something you want, you have to be true to yourself and go for it.

Break out of the prison of the conditioned mind and focus on true choice in the present moment. That’s power. Power is when you don’t have to be who you were yesterday, or two years ago, or whenever. You can be true to yourself today.

You have to be present in the moment and come from true choice. If you don’t come at the moment and can’t trust yourself, then you’re coming from your programs of the past.

Be whatever you have to be at the time. Being unattached to thoughts and beliefs means you can be free to be whatever you need to be right now. That’s the way of the spiritual warrior.

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