Personal Goals: Discovering What Motivates You to Reach Yours

Personal Goals: Discovering What Motivates You to Reach Yours



What drives you to reach your personal goals? Discover what motivates you to stay on track so that you can stay true to your true purpose in life.

Finding Self Motivation to Reach Your Personal Goals

Let’s consider motivation.

Imagine you’re in a hole that you can barely see out of. Somebody comes along and instead of pulling you out, they wave a Rs.2000 note at you (They’re not being mean; they’re trying to teach you something).

It’s a little hard to get out, but with determination, or whatever it is that fuels you, and with a little extra effort, you eventually scramble out.

Now take this picture to another level. What if it was a pack of Rs.2000 notes? You’d scramble even harder, yes?

Now what if it was Rs. 100 Crores held up in front of you, and they said, “If you can get out of there in the next 10 seconds, you’ve got this Rs.100 Crore?”

You’d fly outta that ditch, wouldn’t you? Why? It’s because you’ve got a good reason to reach that goal.

And to be clear, the reason isn’t the million dollars itself. Those are just pieces of paper. Because somebody who had no idea what money meant would do what with it? Burn it to get kindling going? Blow their nose with it?

The reason you are motivated to get out of the ditch is that you know exactly what you could do with that million dollars if you reached that goal.

You know the impact it can make in your life…

You know what security it can bring…

And you know the status and freedom it may bring…

The Purpose that Drives Your Motivation

So this brings me to the point of all of this…

What is the purpose behind your personal goals?

In other words, why do you want to do what you want to do? Is it for your family? To prove something? So you don’t have to answer to a boss anymore? Because owning a yacht and traveling the world sounds fun? Be honest!

I’ll use myself as an example. When I was broke, it would be easy to get stuck because I would be very upset with what was going on. I was disappointed in myself. There were all of these “shoulds” and expectations. It was draining.

I had 5 businesses and 10 different jobs. Why would I keep getting back on the horse every time I fell off and was slapped in the face?

Don't Give Up | Personal Goals: Discovering What Motivates You to Reach Yours

It’s because at the time there were two things driving my self-motivation:

1. First was my value of freedom. I could not bear to think that I would have to be slaving away for the rest of my life in a job working for somebody else. I’m just unemployable. It cannot work for me at all.

2. The second driver wasn’t exactly an enlightened kind of purpose, but it was proving myself. I was attempting to prove to my parents that I was okay, that I was not going to be a bum because that’s what they said I was going to be if I didn’t finish school with proper grades. That drove me, and I kept getting up when I didn’t want to get up.

I always say that I think I’m a decent teacher because I was in such rough shape before, and I’m in really good shape now. I really know the difference between what I did then and what I do now.

It was making a decision to work on myself, to train my mind and to finally say, “This next business is going to work, and I am going to stick with it until it does, even if it takes my entire life. I will make it work, and it’s going to work.”

One of my most important values became the commitment to reaching my personal goals. My word became LAW, there was no breaking it.

I did what I said I would do, period end of the story, no excuses EVER.

That was the difference maker that took my “why’s” to another level.

That was the first time I ever said that after 6 businesses. Do you know what happened? In two and a half years, I reached my personal goals and became a millionaire.

Why you do what you do is the fuel that will get yourself outta bed every day to do better, be better, and to avoid getting stuck lacking self-motivation.

Never forget why you’re doing what you’re doing, and you’ll eventually get there.

What’s most important to you? What is it, deep down in your soul, that’s more important to you than money? Is it honesty? Integrity? Compassion? Keeping the family together? What is it that, if you compromised this aspect of yourself, you’d have a harder time looking at yourself in the mirror?

Again, let’s be real with each other! It’s not about right or wrong; it’s about what serves and what doesn’t. What’s the fuel that keeps your engine pumping? Share your personal goals and the motivation behind them with us…we want to hear from you!

Keep Programming yourself for Success in your goals and most importantly keep identifying and removing the viruses and malwares that are holding you back to reach your destiny.

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