39 Insanely Stupid Things You Should Probably Stop Doing

39 Insanely Stupid Things You Should Probably Stop Doing

Do you often worry about why certain things are not turning your way? Consider the virus and the malware in your actions and being that is responsible for the same. Can You do something about them? Yes, Only when you know of them. Here is a check list of 39 insanely stupid things that are holding you back from success in life. Get over them and Success is waiting for you. Complete the list…acknowledge yourself and get ready to hear the opportunity knocking at the nearest door near you…or someone calling you with an opportunity of a lifetime.

1. Putting your own opinion to a fact. Unless you’re 100% certain – it’s not a fact, and you’re probably making it worse.

2. Waiting for something better to come along before you quit the thing you hate. This goes out to all the people stuck in dead end jobs, mismatched relationships, and boring social circles. Tomorrow never comes.

3. Not asking someone out because you think they are out of your league. Give them a chance to make that decision, not you.

4. Worrying about the traffic jam making you late for work, getting caught in the downpour without a jacket, or forgetting to get back to someone after you made a promise. Shit happens, get over it.

5. Thinking you’re more important than anyone else. You’re not. You’re just as important as everyone else.

6. Blaming other people when shit hits the fan. If it’s your own fault, admit it. If it’s not, then assume the person responsible is fully aware – they don’t need you pointing it out.

7. Forcing your religious beliefs onto another person. Well done – you’re a Hindu/ Muslim/ Jain/ Christian/ Buddhist/ Atheist/ Jedi… whatever, do you want a medal?

8. Being afraid to spend money. You worked hard to earn it – so do something with it.

9. Waiting for a magical sum of money to appear. There is never enough – the sooner you realize this, the sooner you can start living.

10. Buying lottery tickets. See number 9.

11. Believing something to be true because you heard it from an authority. Do your own research. Form your own judgment. Trust your own instincts.

12. Ignoring your instincts. They’ll keep you alive.

13. Ignoring advice. Even if it seems misplaced – it probably comes from personal experience – which makes it completely relevant.

14. Refusing to watch a movie, read a book or buy a product just because it’s popular. One day, you’ll miss out on something amazing.

15. Looking too far into the future. It will never exist.

16. Trying to erase the past. It happened – accept it.

17. Ignoring the present moment. This shit is happening so pay attention.

18. Focusing too much on making a good impression. They will see the ‘you’ that they see – and there’s not a lot you can do about it. If you act with integrity, treat them with respect and look them in the eye – you’ve successfully played your part in their life story.

19. Allowing other people to write your story. Save that for when you’re dead.

20. Giving someone a lecture about a subject you know nothing about. People are remarkably good at sniffing out bullshit.

21. Treating your body like crap. It’s the only one you’ll ever use.

22. Treating other people like crap. See number 5.

23. Assuming someone is happy because they’re always smiling. Depression produces Oscar winning performances.

24. Blaming yourself for not realizing something was wrong. You didn’t know because they didn’t want you to know. Period!!

25. Suffering in silence. It’s not your fault. It’s an illness, and people give a shit. Let someone in – even if it’s one person – it could change your life.

26. Being scared of success. Fear is an essential part of life and expecting it to go away will always end in disappointment. Some of the world’s greatest entertainers get nervous before a performance. Some of the world’s greatest athletes are full of self-doubt as they face their opponent. Some of the world’s greatest entrepreneurs, innovators, and CEO’s question their own products the night before a big launch. Always be afraid – never stand still.

27. Doing the same thing over and over, and expecting a different result. If something isn’t working then try something new.

28. Aiming for perfection and avoiding mistakes. The person who never made a mistake – never made anything.

29. Living your life vicariously through others. Great writers will always take you along for the ride, but learn the difference between inspiration and imaginary. The brain is easily fooled into thinking it was really there.

30. Reading ‘The Secret’. The universe is just as lazy as you are. Do yourself, and it, a favour by at least meeting it halfway. Sitting on your fat ass and wishing for a better life is the reason why you have a fat ass in the first place. Expect brain-rot to kick in next.

31. Being jealous. It ruins lives.

32. Believing there is an ‘us’ and ‘them’. Quit your whining, work harder, and meet the right people – all within your capability.

33. Feeling pressured into following the crowd. If you really don’t want to do something, then you have every right to say no.

34. Using silence as your preferred method of communication. If someone sends you a text, then you reply. If you have to let someone down, then tell them. If there is a date you cannot make, a deadline you cannot hit or an agreement you no longer wish to honour – then speak up.

35. Following the news. It’s negative, untrustworthy, and it will not enhance your life in any way, shape or form.

36. Getting involved in online arguments. You may as well be talking to yourself.

37. Choosing the easy option. Everything worth doing was worth the effort.

38. Giving up something you really want because it’s difficult. Everything you’ve ever done was difficult at some stage. As a small kid you learned how to read, write, and recall 26 random characters – in sequence. You reached fluency in one of the most challenging languages ever created. You went from the comfort and safety of your home to spending most of your days in an alien environment cooped up with 20 likeminded strangers. You dealt with ghosts in the night, monsters under the bed, and lived in a world of giants. Do you think your life is difficult? Your 5 year old self is mocking you right now. Man up.

39. Forgetting numbers 1 through to 38. Go back and find the one which resonates with you the most.

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