3 Simple Steps to Discovering Your True Purpose

3 Simple Steps to Discovering Your True Purpose

If you are happy and satisfied with what you are having in life, chances are you’d already have found your purpose by now. That’s how we all start out in life: looking for opportunities in the outside world. It wasn’t until I started looking inside that things began to get clearer for me.

In the June of 1995, i.e. about 22 years ago, I participated in one of the first powerful and intense inquiries in the science of my SELF. It was not about the world outside but the world inside of me. Till then it was my circumstances have shaped me the way I am. Soon, It became clear to me that Clarity is not necessarily about knowing about the past or what you want. It’s about having clarity on what you intend to create in the future.

What some people might call ‘MIRACLES’ are simply your intentionality directed powerfully by your will. This is because you are absolutely clear on what you intend without having to think about it so much.

How to Get Clarity About Your Purpose in Life

Clarity doesn’t come from finding anything. It comes from removing the blocks that are in your way and uncovering what is already there and completely natural to you! It doesn’t matter how talented, smart, or in tune you are. If you are still contaminated by the past —especially family history— you will have difficulty discovering your true purpose in life.

Imagine the freak out I got when I told my parents I was quitting my job to start my own business  – this is when I was at the helm of my professional career drawing a handsome salary every month and when they told me my whole life that I should remain in job because NO one in our family has been in business ever. They yelled things like “You’re better off with a job that pays you a fixed salary!” and “You’re not cut out for doing business!” Imagine that specific incident might have had an effect on me?

The message I got, and many of my students got, from their parents was simple: if you’re not going to be a working professional, you’re going to be worthless.

One of the biggest issues that inhibit us from choosing paths in life that are natural to us is gaining the approval of others whether that be parents, partners, kids, teachers, role models, or friends, past and present.

The idea is to recreate and reprogram your life instead of only listening to their thoughts.

You’re here to take your place in the universe, not theirs.

Exercise: Discover Your True Calling and Purpose in Life

1. Think back on your past experiences growing up. What messages did you get about careers that were valid, appropriate, worthy and careers that were not?

2. What or whom did you model in terms of how you work? Did your parents have a “stable” job? Did one work while the other didn’t? Were there conflicts over work? Did they love their jobs or did they “do what they had to”? Was work a joy or a sacrifice?

3. Were there any instances that influenced you as to how you think about work and money today? When you first started working, did you do it for money or because you loved your work?

Take a few moments to recall the messages about work and money that stuck with you and how your life has reflected these messages you received. The goal here is to be aware of these messages and give yourself permission to let go of any ideas if they don’t match your beliefs.

Like the saying goes, “It’s my way or the highway!” So what works for you? Do you believe in following your heart and passion?

This is your chance to wipe your slate clean and start following your true path to discover your purpose in life. Once you do this, there’s a good chance there will be a lot waiting for you to discover. It’s true that new opportunities tend to come our way when we’re not blocking them.

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